Choosing Wall Fountains: A Guide To Selecting The Perfect Water Feature


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Choosing Wall Fountains Involves more than Aesthetics

Although wall fountains are increasingly becoming a staple feature of every self respecting living room and lobby, a lot of thought needs to be put in to choosing the right wall fountain. There are aesthetic values to consider, themes that your water feature should blend into seamlessly, and then there’s the niggling matter of space. The scale of your walls should be given Secrets to Directing Nude Models the utmost consideration when choosing a wall fountain, the lines of the fountain and the wall should flow in harmony with one another not conflict. Suffice it to say, if you skip one of these areas while choosing wall fountains, you risk being left with a watery contraption that’s either too large, too small, or worse- sticks out like a sore thumb.

A “How to” Checklist for Choosing Wall Fountains

Before you start your quest for the right wall fountain, consider the room that your new water feature will grace. Do you plan to place it in the living room, bedroom, or some other area of the house? What’s the current décor theme of the area? A classic marble and statuary filled interior will hardly blend in with a Zen inspired wall fountain. Similarly an ultra modern minimalist theme calls for a wall fountain that will blend in without striking a jarring note. A Grecian architecture inspired design is definitely out of place here. This is not to say that you cannot integrate design concepts from more The Importance of a California Litigation Attorney than one theme, but if you have more than one prominent design theme in place in the same space they will compete with A Belize Vacation Package Has Something For Everyone one The Step2 Flip n Doodle Allows Your Toddlers to Discover Their Inner Picasso or Van Gogh another instead of one balancing the other. Visit to get an idea of a uniquely styled wall fountain.

Next, decide on the wall that your fountain will adorn. If you’re considering a large sized vertical wall fountain, make sure you have the kind of layout that includes large vaulted ceilings and loads Reflections Of Life: Dark Architect Collector's Edition of vertical wall space. A vertical wall fountain will enhance this area of the wall because it draws the eyes upwards and beyond. In contrast, a low wall with a low ceiling will be best suited for a horizontal water feature. A vertical wall Reflections Of Life: Dark Architect Collector's Edition fountain would look rather cramped due to the lack of vertical wall space here. Get more inspiration about vertical wall fountains at

Choosing Wall Fountains for your Reflections Of Life: Dark Architect Collector's Edition Commercial Establishment

The same rules apply when choosing Reflections Of Life: Dark Architect Collector's Edition a wall fountain for your foyer, boutique or restaurant. Commercial wall fountains need to blend with company ethos and make a distinct first impression on who ever enters the premises. Classic, steel, or granite designs never fail to make an impression and are safe The Basics Of Domain Name Registration And What It Means To You. bets for corporate offices. Save the Reflections Of Life: Dark Architect Collector's Edition eclectic designs for a funky boutique or trendy eatery. While choosing wall fountains also bear in mind that once installed it will protrude at least 5 inches from the wall; so you might not want to place it an area that receives a lot of traffic. See some unique and distinctive wall fountains at

Elizabeth Jean is an outdoor gardening writer and frequent contributor to, a popular internet destination for water fountains and garden statuary.

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